Top 7 Highly Demanded IT Skills

We all know that tech and marketing skills have become high in demand in the business sector and they have taken the entire industry by storm. Even a number of experts’ claim that technology-driven skills are here to stay and humans can benefit from them exponentially. Let us take a look on most demanded tech and marketing skills of the year 2018 and that are going to keep the buzz alive in the year 2019:

Social media marketing is not going anywhere
Social media marketing has helped businesses to flourish in the last few years and this is the reason why it has become the talk of the town and is still one. People find social media marketing more convenient and it offers them wide-ranging benefits. They can create their own client base and can have a direct connection with their clients. The concept of online stores has increased and social media takes this thing to its credit. Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, Twitter or Instagram, everything is so on point that companies are now going digital. The best part is that they are doing it with NO HESITATION which means confidence is in the air. Trends are alarming in this regard as only Facebook content summed up to 50% which is a huge number. Social media marketing has a positive impact on businesses with the help of a variety of social media channels. Most of the businesses want to advertise their products on channels where they are high in demand. The existence of skilled social media marketers is a great thing these days. Every business wants to have a favorable presence on social media for the various purpose the demand for skilled social media marketers is increasing in no time.

Mobile and app development is still going strong
Mobile and app development is another field which is booming and thriving and there is nothing stopping it. Mobile application developers are in high demand for years now and this demand is confidently increasing day by day. App industry is growing rapidly that’s why experts predict that the app industry will be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021 which is an unbelievable thing. App developers are also making an average salary of $97K by offering there skill full work to the field of mobile and app development. This clearly shows that there is a huge demand for app developers and if you are still in college and want to make money moves, get yourself enrolled in app development. All you need to do is have a sound understanding of programming languages such as Java, Python, HTML5, C++, C #, Objective-C, and Swift. UX and UI design skills can also help you if you want to get entry to the pro app developers.

Digital marketing is the genie in the bottle
This genie is out and it is not going back anytime soon. As we know that marketing has become must thing for the progress of any business and this the major reason why every business is going digital. Every leading brand is online now and they have hired digital marketers for the promotion and smooth online functioning of their brand. Presence on social media platform is not enough. It is enough if you want to limit your progress but if you want to grow, you must know that different digital platforms are to be incorporated as only then you will be able to manage your goals. Why leading businesses are seeking employees having digital marketing skills with such intensity? The answer is simple. They want to ensure that there product’s presence is everywhere. Having an online presence is a must in today’s marketing world. Digital marketing is being used by various companies and leading organizations to lead to more conversions, customers, and revenue.

Web Design is essential
A website is an extremely powerful marketing tool. Web development is a leading marketing tool by which you can set the right direction for your business and make your business proceed in that direction. There are a number of online marketing skills available with regards to web development and they play a decisive role in taking your business to new heights. You will be shocked yet amazed by the number of websites being made every day. This also shows the high demand for web designers and undoubtedly it has become one of the most popular technology skills to learn at the present time. Nowadays, the website has become must for the businesses and nearly all businesses have websites. A number of companies who were reluctant to go digital and have a website of their own are going digital now with full swing.

Cybersecurity has become the talk of the town
Multiple reported cases in the past years have put forward shocking information and it affected the approach of millions of people as they were concerned about their security. The fact that better and enhanced cybersecurity system is needed cannot be overlooked and there is a dire need for high-quality security systems in terms of online dealing so as to ensure that all the users and their data is secured. It was a major issue back then and is relevant even today but the great news that people nowadays have become aware of cybersecurity and they are demanding it for the safer online experience. Organizations are also hiring experts who know how to deal with cyber attackers and hackers. Many policies have been made and implemented to make sure that you are having a great online experience. In the year 2019, many new policies will be formulated to ensure that all the users have amazing online experience without any fear.

AI & Machine Learning is beyond amazing
If one skill that is in demand these days, it is Machine learning and artificial intelligence. Be it self-driving cars or newscasters, AI is setting new goals and no one can beat it. These learning opportunities are nothing less than an oil well. It has many promising opportunities. AI specialists are in huge demand nowadays.

Web Development will stay strong
Web development is as important as web design and is one of the most essential elements of running a successful business today. Web development is without a doubt a top IT skill that will be the talk of the town in 2019 as well.

We are experiencing an era of neither change nor progress but transformation and the aforementioned skills are going to act as a catalyst in this amazing journey.